When is the tournament?

The tournament is Sunday December 15,  2019.

Future Dates

Sunday December 13, 2020

Sunday December 12, 2021

Where is the Tournament?

The tournament is held at the Lancaster County Event Center in Lincoln Nebraska,  4100 N 84th St, Lincoln, NE 68507.


How do I register for the tournament?

Registration is done through trackwrestling.com and a link to registration can be found here. Registration closes at 11:59 on Friday December 13th!!!  No walk ins are allowed on Sunday as all brackets are done Saturday night.


When are Weigh Ins?

Weigh Ins are 6-8 pm at the Lancaster County Event Center.  There are also additional satellite weigh ins that you can go to.  The information on satellite weigh ins is updated regularly and can be found at the satellite weigh in page


What Weight does my wrestler need to be?

This tournament uses set weigh brackets for all wrestlers 1st – 8th Grades.  To wrestle in a weight bracket the wrestler must weigh at or below the bracket weight.  For example a wrestler in the 80 pound bracket cannot weigh more than 80.0 pounds, 80.1 would need to wrestle in the next higher bracket.  Wrestlers in PK-K are not in set brackets, but will be grouped according to weight.


What time does wrestling start for my wrestler?

All divisions start at 9:00 a.m.!!!  The exact time your wrestler will wrestle we do not know, but all divisions will start at 9:00 a.m. and they need to be prepared to wrestle at that time.


Who can be on the floor and in the coaches corners?

Only wrestlers and those with coaches bands can be on the floor inside the roped off area and in the coaches corner.


How do I get a coaches band?

Coaches bands can be purchased inside the event.  You must first pay entry and the you can go to the awards table to purchase your coaches band.  Coaches bands are $15 each, ho ever one free coaches band is given for ever 5 wrestlers entered.

IMPORTANT – there is a field on the entry for a coaches name please have wrestlers fill this in, this is how we can determine who to give the coaches band to – IMPORTANT